Women in the ROTC and Military

Women in the ROTC and Military

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10 Ways to Stay Calm in a Crisis

This is a great PR lesson!

Brian Adams PR

Keep CalmYou just checked your voicemail and a reporter has the story. He wants you to call back immediately because this is big news. He needs a comment and is counting the minutes to your call.

You knew this was coming but your pulse is still racing. You have reviewed your crisis communications plan but your brain feels like you just mainlined three pots of coffee. Part of you wants to call back with your prepared statement while another side of you wants to hide. So what do you do? How do you get yourself under control when the moment arrives?

Take a Breath
Really. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then another. Then another. Now open your eyes and focus on the task at hand.

Remember, you knew this was coming. You have a folder filled with everything from statements and talking points to designated spokespeople and…

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Presidential debate

For the first time in my adult life, I am getting into politics. Quite rapidly at that, and it has the same infectious bug as law enforcement seems to have too. I believe getting into politics and especially the presidential debates comes mostly from working for a politician such as Sheriff Bouchard. While this is really grabbing my attention I feel it is extremely important to be an informed citizen, not only because it’s good for my soon to be career in PR, business and overall person. In today’s society there are not a lot of people around my age that are getting into politics. Being an informed, voting American it is my responsibility, right and also privilege (USA!!) to be as informed and in the know as possible. 

The debate last night was a huge PR event, and I believe Romney did a great job. In my opinion as a young PR person I would have tried to steer him away from a few comments or phrases he made (Big Bird, and calling “less fortunate” kids, “poor kids”) in my mind these were the two things that stood out as a PR pro. 

The other really cool and interesting thing I foundabout this debate was how active socil media outlets were before, during and after the debate. Facebook and especially twitter were blowing up, in fact this debate was the largest political event to be trending on twitter.Bigger than both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. This is another pretty cool thing about politics and PR that fascinate me. 

I am really looking forward tomore debating weather it is Presidential or VP debates

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