The Fox

The Fox

The Fox at night.



This past week, my Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, I finally worked up the courage to talk with her on the phone, since she is home and I am here in Mount Pleasant. When she answered the phone, I could hear in her voice the excitement, and joy in her voice. I was overwhelmed with emotion, listening to her tell me to be strong, and not be sad. She knows that this is all apart of life, and she said over and over that things are in God’s hands. I have never in my life respected someone so much, as I did listening to her tell me these things. I could almost see her smile, through the phone. 

After hearing her talk, and reassure me that she is doing well, she is not sad or upset, and is ready for whatever happens, I can’t think of a stronger minded person. Her surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, and it is an out patient surgery. I really hope that things go well, because having my Grandparents at my wedding in 2014 is one of the most important things in the world to me.


I must say, this conversation with my Grandma has really put things in perspective for me. I need to start living each day as if its my last, because you are not guaranteed tomorrow. My Grandma has lived a long full, awesome life, and I really respect and look up to her for all this. I know she is going to battle through, and come out of this stronger than ever. Keep strong in the faith, Grandma! Hope, Faith, Love.. JGS.





This summer, has been great. I had another opportunity to work at the Sheriff’s office, and I was fortunate enough to get more “PR” tasks than last year, such as; Press Releases, Event Planning, Social Media for the Fallen Heroes Memorial, and a project for the Gang task force and FBI. I also got to help with Sheriff Bouchard’s election campaign, which was an awesome experience as well. This has been quite the learning year, and I even had two of my press releases published in different news papers, nationwide! 

While this summer was extremely busy with work, and helping to plan a wedding (still in the infant stage), I picked up a hobby, that I still can’t seem to get enough of. Photography. All I want to do is take pictures of everything. I find myself getting more creative as time goes on, and I love it. I will be posting pictures I have taken, and photoshopped. 


Stay tuned!