Ordinary Wednesday

Well Hello all!

I am back.. Today is just an ordinary Wednesday. Not too much new to report on today, but I felt like writing anyway. This morning I looked at Darlene and my wedding website to see that we only have 801 days until we get married! That is crazy! We have been looking at few possible halls for our reception, and so far The Mirage is our favorite. We are going to do a lot more planning for the wedding this summer, but for now we are trying to figure out where the reception will be.

While thinking about all this wedding stuff, and the future, etc I have been looking at and thinking about possible internships that I would like to do next summer before finding a job, after finishing classes for my Undergraduate degree in Integrative Public Relations at CMU. I have found two different PR agencies in Royal Oak MI that are very intriguing to me, and both of them require (not surprisingly) great writing skills, and Social Media skills (both of which I would love to have as an internship). I am using wordpress to work on both of these things, and to boost my resume as well.


Well, Its time for class now, so that is all for this post.




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