July 26, 2011


It has been quite some time since I last posted. I have been pretty busy keeping up with my Internship at the Sheriff’s Office this summer, and have not been diligent on blogging as much as I would have hoped for, but I have every intention to get back to blogging on a more “Full-time” basis as summer fades to fall, and I get back to Mount Pleasant for yet another school year.

This has been one of, if not the best summer I can remember to date. I have an awesome Internship that may actually turn into a full-time position, if Mandy doesn’t come back from maternity leave, Which would make things awesome for me. Even though I wouldn’t be quite done with school, I would have an awesome opportunity to work for the Sheriff, and the coolest thing is I could finish my degree online or at a local CMU campus. If I get offered the job here, I will be taking it in a heart beat!

Okay there have been a lot of great, yet very different things going on this summer that have given me unspeakable emotions, and feelings that you only get when you are truly in love, or are becoming a man, as I like to think of it, however, these things cannot be mentioned on my blog yet because I don’t want to give anything away yet.. but stay tuned for more, and you will understand what I am referring to!


Today, I am the only one in the Sheriff’s office, with Undersheriff because all the girls, and Sheriff are at the Sheriff’s cabin in Jerome, MI.  I am “holding down the fort”, as Leigh would call it.

Well, Since I am at work today, I am going to get to work. I just thought I should check in with my blog, quickly.


Ill be back soon!




Social Media

It has been awhile since my last post, and trying to keep up with work, and all my social media platforms seems to keep me super busy! Keeping up with all my platforms almost comes as a second job!
I recently was fortunate enough to get into the all new Google+ and it is still in the trial stage, and is really only available for a very select crowd of people, and of course I was able to get in early! I am very excited about that, and cant wait for it to become available for everyone!
I am still working hard here at the Sheriff’s office, (except for today which is the Friday before the July 4th weekend, and there isnt much going on here!).
Just wanted to give a quick post, and let you know I havent forgot you!
Happy 4th all!