Sheriff PR

Hello all,

After a very short but productive weekend in the fun and relaxation department, at the Waterloo Camp ground in Chelsea, MI and my youngerbrother Keenan, graduating from Walled Lake Northern, Class of ’11. I am back to work at the sheriff’s office. This week has been pretty crazy already, and its only Tuesday.

Today I ran around all of Oakland County with Mandy (the sheriff’s community liaison) the Sheriff, and Sgt. Maneu. Our first stop was at Herrington Elementary in Pontiac, MI where the sheriff spoke to the kids about his project called “Re-CYCLE” where we take used bikes or parts of bikes and repair them, and distribute them to kids who dont own a bike. Its a great cause and the sheriff is very active in the support of the kids in the community. At the first event I was in charge of taking pictures for the Sheriff’s Facebook page  and meeting the media and talking with them about the project. (Today was a day in the shoes of a PR pro and I LOVED it!).

After the Elementary school, we went to Farmington Hills PD where the Sheriff and Chief of Police, where they opened a new disposal box for Operation Medicine Cabinet, where I also took pictures, and met the Chief, and Media.

Today was quite the day, running around with Sheriff Bouchard, and being involved with him and his projects, I really hope that someday I can do something like that for my career.

Tomorrow we have the Fallen Heroes Memorial BBQ at work. We are expecting at least 200 to attend, and I will be helping Dept. Hickson grill and cook food.

I am really loving my job, and I know that this will really help me succeed in my future career no matter the level of demand or the intensity of the job or task at hand. There is no doubt in my mind that this internship at the Oakland County Sheriff’s office is going to be a job that puts me over the edge, and will land me an awesome career in my future.

That is all for now,



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