Beautiful Day

Hello to my loyal Readers!

Today is Wednesday at 10:45p.m. I am listening to Zac Brown Band, Whatever it is(YouTube – Zac Brown Band – Whatever It Is (Video)). This song really makes me think about my girlfriend, and best friend, Darlene. This is our song together, and every time I hear this song, I just want to sing it to her.

Okay, moving on.. Today was a Beautiful day:

Today was my last day to relax before I start my new summer job tomorrow at the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, which I am so excited for.

Today, I slept in some, which felt great. I went for a run, and I really enjoyed doing that, I am finding running a great way for me to get away from the stresses of life (not that I have many now) and just have some time to myself to jam some music, think about things, all while getting in shape.

After my run I grilled some chicken and got to lay out in the sun, and I actually got burnt (No surprise).

I had so much energy and felt so great that I decided to do a little arm workout, and was feeling so great after that, that I decided to do Ab ripper x.

Tomorrow I start working for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and I am so excited. I expect this job to be something like what I want to do with my PR degree after college.

Well that is all for tonight, Keeping it short so I can be up early for my new job! Will blog about my first day tomorrow!




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