Great Weekend

Hello to my few, but very loyal readers!

It is Sunday night, (5.22.11) at 10:40 p.m.

It is currently starting to thunderstorm, which I love, but I know that Darlene is not going to be excited about if it storms at her house.

This weekend was great! It started off with me getting out of work early on friday, And still getting paid until 5!

I gave a golf Lesson to Chasin Kumm, Mr. Kumm’s Stepson. He has an awesome swing, the little dude has a better swing than I did for most of my golf career, (Until now of course lol). After my lesson was over, I went home, and Darlene came over! I hadnt seen her in a week, so I was overly excited to see here and very anxious and even had feelings of nerves, this being because I was so excited to spend some time with her.

We had an awesome steak dinner with my parents, and got to relax and watch a movie, and spend some great quality time together, and got to bed early(ish).

Saturday morning we actually got to sleep in some, which was great, ( and hard to break away from a good snuggle lol) but I got a little hair cut, and then Darlene and I went to Fitness 19 for a quick workout, because it was super sunny and hot outside and we wanted to spend some time in the sun.

After our (killer) workout, we did indeed spend about an hour or so basking in the sun which felt absolutely fantastic, to say the least. And of course, as you all know I got fried beyond believe and am still RED today!

Dar and I went to the mall, and exchanged her dress, and I found the new watch that I really want to work towards, and Darlene found the sexiest dress at express that she fell in love with (of course).

After that we had some dinner, and then went to Stephen’s birthday party for a few, and ended up staying out a little later than we planned, but it was fun, and as long as we were spending time together, I was happy.

Sunday was a great day as well. The sun was shining, and it was Adrianna’s birthday (1st) at the Kaczmarek’s house. We had burgers and hot dogs, along with chicken oriental salad, taco salad and potato salad. The food was great, but not as great as the company. That family treats me as if I was always part of their family, and I really look forward to the day that I actually join their family and become “Uncle Kellen” to the kiddies (who are the cutest kids I know).

Adrianna had a great time, and so did everyone else.

Darlene and I had some great times together this weekend, bonding and spending quality time together. Every day I feel like I have re-fallen in love with that girl, and I feel young again. It is crazy how one person, can make you feel so young and in love, yet want to be the best, strongest man you can be. it is truly amazing, and I love how she makes me feel.

Tomorrow is a new day, at the Sheriff’s Office, and I absolutely love my job, and look forward to each day, because you really never know what is going to happen on a day-to-day basis.

It is now 11:00 and time for bed.
I will write more soon!




Sheriff’s Office update

Today is Monday May 16, 2011

I had my 3rd day of work today, which was at the very least work. I was assigned to hit shots for $10 on the 8th hole at Oakhurst. It was a very cold, windy, rainy day. It was a 200 yard shot into the wind. I ended up making $200 for the Fallen Hero’s charity. I hit a 4 iron to 5 feet and once to about 6 feet. I had a great time today!

My first two days of work were awesome, even though they were not spent on the golf course, and were spent in the office, I really enjoy my job. I have my own cubicle, in the Sheriff’s office. I work with 3 awesome ladies, and the Sheriff, and Undersheriff.

To date I already feel like I have been working there for a whole summer. I feel like I fit in great, and everyone is so nice, and accommodating. I look forward to going to work, because you really do not know what could happen each day, and I love that there is no routine, and I never have a day the same as the last, as it seems.

I am really looking forward to working with the sheriff all summer, and i hope to exceed my own expectations, and really get the most out of this job.

Beautiful Day

Hello to my loyal Readers!

Today is Wednesday at 10:45p.m. I am listening to Zac Brown Band, Whatever it is(YouTube – Zac Brown Band – Whatever It Is (Video)). This song really makes me think about my girlfriend, and best friend, Darlene. This is our song together, and every time I hear this song, I just want to sing it to her.

Okay, moving on.. Today was a Beautiful day:

Today was my last day to relax before I start my new summer job tomorrow at the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, which I am so excited for.

Today, I slept in some, which felt great. I went for a run, and I really enjoyed doing that, I am finding running a great way for me to get away from the stresses of life (not that I have many now) and just have some time to myself to jam some music, think about things, all while getting in shape.

After my run I grilled some chicken and got to lay out in the sun, and I actually got burnt (No surprise).

I had so much energy and felt so great that I decided to do a little arm workout, and was feeling so great after that, that I decided to do Ab ripper x.

Tomorrow I start working for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and I am so excited. I expect this job to be something like what I want to do with my PR degree after college.

Well that is all for tonight, Keeping it short so I can be up early for my new job! Will blog about my first day tomorrow!




Hello all!

This is my first post on my blog, that is not related to my Social Media class. I started this blog for the class, and now, I am using it as my own personal blog.

Please feel free to check out all my projects posted on my blog that I did for JRN397a throughout the semester! I will do my best to blog as often as I can, and hope to keep you all interested and reading!

Tonight the wings won game 6 in Detroit after being down 0-3 to the Sharks of San Jose, forcing a game 7 on thursday.

okay, that was my first, quick post.

Stay tuned!


Jrn 397a Final Project (Part II)

All major restaurant chains need to have some sort of social media platform, for many reasons. This is a major problem that Applebees suffered, and they have no platforms to reach their audience with and apologize for the event that occurred at a Michigan Applebees. A 15 month old child was served alcohol in his sippy cup. The child was taken to a local hospital and his BAC was reported at .10, which is over the legal limit for an adult.

The mother of this child is suing Applebees for $25,000 for damages.

If Applebees had some sort of social media platform, they could use it to apologize to the family, and to all customers, and ensure that all the proper procedures are being taken over the franchise as a whole to be certain that nothing like this ever happens again, nationally.

Not having a social media platform makes Applebees look careless, to me anyway, and although I found a few articles online about the events that transpired, there are no formal apologies from anyone high up on the Applebee’s chain.

Applebee’s sued over baby getting served alcohol | Detroit Free Press |

Applebee’s Changes Policy After Toddler Accidentally Served Alcohol –