After using Intersect for a week, I really like the site, and I think its very useful for business to use to help promote their brand.

To me, Intersect is a lot like foursquare in that you kind of check in, however with intersect its more of a blog where you can write full stories. In foursquare you can only have 140 characters.  Checking In is a really new and upcoming thing that even facebook has started to use inside the site.

The one thing I like about Intersect is that you can upload pictures, like you can on foursquare – I think it would be a really cool think to use intersect for a month or so, and see where you go on a regular basis and actually be able to see your life in that perspective.

Businesses could also use Intersect like foursquare, and offer a certain reward, or incentive for “checking in” at their business, store, restaurant.

Kellen Nick’s Storyline on Intersect


Nike Golf uses youtube

Nike Golf uses youtube a lot, they have a lot of their commercials on youtube, mostly their newest commercials, and the ones that were the most popular at the times they were released. I think that they use it well, because I know in the past, before this class even, I used youtube to see their commercials. The First Commercial I posted is actually a promotional one, that is used to promote Tiger Woods ’12 video game, but Nike is a large portion of Tiger, and you can see Nike is plastered all over the commercial.

YouTube – EASPORTS’s Channel

YouTube – Tiger Woods Nike Golf Commercial

YouTube – Nike Golf – Never – Tiger Woods

YouTube – Nike Golf TV Commercial featuring Tiger Woods Swing Portrait

Putting SCVNGR to use

There are many ways to put SCVNGR to use as a brand, or company or for an event. Companies using SCVNGR will right off the bat, be getting their name out there for being social media savvy. Also, when using SCVNGR you can promote your company by offering incentives for using the trek.

There are many ways for SCVNGR to be used around campus too, they could use it for different events, or use it to promote different things going on around campus, and enter the winner or first to finnish the trek a prize.

I am actually putting a trek together for my friends birthday around Mount Pleasant, so even though its not a business using it, it can also be used for fun as well.

SCVNGR reminds me a lot of foursquare, but with foursquare there are not specific tasks. I really like SCVNGR and think it could be used for team building, and bonding exercises too.


This is our blog post for scvngr. Our group members are: Kellen Crow, Sarah Grewal, Nate Hunt, Zach Yee

1) The Market is located in Celani hall its a store for random things. Take a Picture of a Bosco Stick and send it in.

2) Java City inside park library, Tell us how much the Chicken Caeser Wrap costs. Answer: $4.29

3)Einstein Bagel is located in the new EHS building. We want the closing time for friday. Answer: 1:30

4)Trackside is located inside the Student Activity Center (SAC). Tell us your favorite smoothie. Answer: Open ended Question.