Social Media Campaign

The fan page that I am going to use for this assignment is

1) The biggest thing I think is important with creating a campaign is using social media to its fullest, with out getting out of hand. It is important with social media to remember quality over quantity is very important. There is no reason to have 40 different social media platforms if you only keep up with facebook, and twitter. Also, Titleist has its own type of “social media” plat form on their web site, so that is a good place to start advertising as well, to get people that are involved with “Team Titleist” to like Titleist’s facebook fan page as well.

2) I would create a Twitter account and link it to my facebook fan page. I would use twitter to help get my brand’s name out into the public, by tweeting special things, and use twitter to do daily, and monthly give aways. I would ask people to answer questions, or fill in the blanks, etc. and the first so many people to answer would receive a prize (a sleeve of balls, a club, a tshirt, hat, etc.)

3) Titleist is a huge sponsor for a lot of golf tournaments, and there are always titleist commercials on during golf events, in my commercials i would advertise the fact that we as a brand have  a fan page.

4) There are a lot of PGA tour players who tweet all the time. As part of their contract with titleist, I would put in their contract that they must help promote the fan page, stating that they must tweet “x” amount of times a month about the page. This way when people follow certain golfers that they like, that are Titleist pros, they will see them talking about the fan page, and this will get them to check out the page as well.

Social Media Campaign Ideas to Build Fans & Increase Engagement

VerticalResponse Email Marketing Blog for Small Business: Social Media Campaign Ideas to Build Fans & Increase Engagement


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