Standard: Second screen

As I sit here and think about the concept of the second screen, I have a really awesome thought that I would like to develop and be able to use myself on my iPad, or on an iPhone.

As I shared in class, I love to watch golf so my second screen idea goes along with golf. I want to have an app that is for use with an iPad or iPhone that is updated each week in accordance with the PGA tour and which course the tour is at for the week.
Each tournament begins on Thursday and goes through Sunday. My thoughts for the app are Monday through Wednesday offer pictures of the practice rounds, and pictures of the course. Starting Thursday, the app could be more interactive. I would like to be able to go hole by hole, through the whole course, also I would like to be able to see each pin placement on the green, and a special “green view” that shows the break in each green.

I would like to be able to choose a specific golfer, or group to be able to follow through their round and watch where each shot is hit, then go and see what their next shot is going to look like, distance, hazards, bunkers, etc.
Make it more like you are actually there watching, and also be able to see where each player hit their shot on a specific selected hole.
When the group or player your watching is on the green, I would like them to use their special technology they use on tv to show you the break, and the line you should hit.
Also I would like to watch replays of swings, or good shots.
Also I think there should be an app hashtag, and tweets that contain that hashtag would show up in a sidebar.


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