10 improvements for the daily

The Daily- Possible Improvements

10) Reduce freezing when loading stories

9) Have a Search to help find stories faster

8) Be able to go back to last page viewed

7) Make loading the new daily article faster

6) Make older Daily Issues available to view

5) Be able to save the page you are on, so you can come right back to the story you were reading, for convenience.

4) When Posting to Social Media be able to say what the link is not just “bit.ly”

3) Keep the paper clip to save the article you are looking at, that was very useful for this project. I could just paper clip an article and come right back to it.

2)Keep up the amount of pictures that are in each article, and increase the amount of Ipad features for each article. That is Awesome!

1) Keep the tweets, polls, graphs, etc. that are exclusive to Ipad users.


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