Reaction to the Video

The video we watched in class was very interesting. I learned a lot about Youtube, that I never knew. For example; YouTube produced more videos, and hits in 6 months than the top 3 networks combined did in 60 years. Also, I learned that Soulja Boy started off on Youtube, and because of Youtube, he was able to become a large well known Rap artist. This just shows, to me how big and popular Youtube is.

Most videos (15%) on Youtube are remade videos, or homemade. I think that youtube is a really awesome website, and the one quote that really stuck with me from the video about youtube was “The most Public place, from the privacy of your own home” That totally describes youtube, and those people who use youtube as a virtual blog, or anyone that uses youtube to broadcast anything from a dance video, to a lesson on how to use a new cell phone, and beyond.

Its funny to me, how in today’s world if you can not figure something out, you either “google” it or “youtube” it, and your sure to find something to help with whatever you are looking for.




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