10 improvements for the daily

The Daily- Possible Improvements

10) Reduce freezing when loading stories

9) Have a Search to help find stories faster

8) Be able to go back to last page viewed

7) Make loading the new daily article faster

6) Make older Daily Issues available to view

5) Be able to save the page you are on, so you can come right back to the story you were reading, for convenience.

4) When Posting to Social Media be able to say what the link is not just “bit.ly”

3) Keep the paper clip to save the article you are looking at, that was very useful for this project. I could just paper clip an article and come right back to it.

2)Keep up the amount of pictures that are in each article, and increase the amount of Ipad features for each article. That is Awesome!

1) Keep the tweets, polls, graphs, etc. that are exclusive to Ipad users.


The Daily Vs. Traditional Media Outlets.

The Daily Vs. Traditional Media Outlets


Mets Owner: Madoff Lawsuit an ‘Outrageous Strong Arm Effort’ – Deal Journal – WSJ

This Article was actually better done on The Daily Website, than on The Wall Street Journal. The info on The Daily was very straight forward, and used a poll which is exclusive for Ipad users.


For mega-mansions, it’s buyer’s choice – Jul. 16, 2010

This Article was about having a mansion house, that is too large to live in. I also believe that this article was so much better on The Daily because they had 4 huge beautiful pictures. On Cnn they just talked about how expensive the houses are, without pictures.


DJ Skelton | Center for a New American Security

This article was about Captain DJ Skelton. He is a soldier that was seriously Injured in Iraq. Instead of being discharged, he decided to continue serving his country. This article was much better on the Ipad and on the daily, because when you turned the ipad, you got a photo album.

Article #4  – WWW.THEDAILY.COM

GOP Congressman Christopher Lee Resigns Over Craigslist Scandal – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

This article is about Rep. Christopher Lee.

The article on the daily was good, but actually there was a lot more information on the CBS news article. This is probably because its a pretty big issue. The Daily did have special Tweets from people and messages from Christopher Less as well, that you could see via the IPad.


Snowfall shatters records across northeastern Oklahoma | Tulsa World

My Fifth Article was about the huge blizzard that hit Jay, Oklahoma. I found a local paper from Oklahoma that had a lot of information, but The Daily used pictures very well again to help with its story, and lack of information.


US serviceman plays golf with Woods in Dubai – Yahoo! News

This Article was awesome for me– it was about an Army LT. Col. who got to play in Dubai golf tournament ProAM with Tiger Woods. The daily gave awesome pictures, and tweets about Tiger Woods, and Tweets from Tiger himself. I thought this was an awesome article. The Daily gave many more pictures from the round than the Yahoo site did.


North Carolina vs. Duke – Recap – February 09, 2011 – College Basketball – SI.com

This last article is about the Duke vs. UNC game last night. The daily had very little information and surprisingly very little pictures, compared to all the other articles I chose throughout the week. The Sports Illustrated article went very in depth with the whole game, and gave a lot more information than the daily article.

Reaction to the Video

The video we watched in class was very interesting. I learned a lot about Youtube, that I never knew. For example; YouTube produced more videos, and hits in 6 months than the top 3 networks combined did in 60 years. Also, I learned that Soulja Boy started off on Youtube, and because of Youtube, he was able to become a large well known Rap artist. This just shows, to me how big and popular Youtube is.

Most videos (15%) on Youtube are remade videos, or homemade. I think that youtube is a really awesome website, and the one quote that really stuck with me from the video about youtube was “The most Public place, from the privacy of your own home” That totally describes youtube, and those people who use youtube as a virtual blog, or anyone that uses youtube to broadcast anything from a dance video, to a lesson on how to use a new cell phone, and beyond.

Its funny to me, how in today’s world if you can not figure something out, you either “google” it or “youtube” it, and your sure to find something to help with whatever you are looking for.