Twitter; Following John Daly.

The goal of John Daly’s Twitter account in my opinion is to reach out to his fans. He always talks about personal life, and refers to things from his show that used to be on the golf channel, “Being John Daly”

I believe that JD is updating his account himself, it really seems like he is always talking about something funny, he has a really funny personality, I know this because I have had the opportunity to meet him twice.  JD is very conversational on his twitter account, talking about getting new clubs, his girlfriend Anna, golfing in proams, practice session updates, and getting to this weekend’s golf course, and the traffic jams in California at 6:45 am. He provides lots of pictures, and links to his followers, and even responds to mentions.  There were a couple of really funny tweets about how Anna (JD’S) girlfriend wants him to do yoga to help with flexibility, and JD is really not feeling the whole yoga deal.

JD talks to a lot of people in the PGA including fellow PGA pro Rickie Fowler, DA Points, and Commentator Kelly Tilghman, as well as talking to fans. He actually replied to one of my mentions, and he actually follows me!

That is all for now on JD



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